Why Mom Was Right About SubZero Refrigerators!

Why Mom Was Right About SubZero Refrigerators!

Sub Zero is an appliance company that specializes in refrigeration, hence their name. It was founded in 1945 by Westye F. Bakke. They sell both refrigerators and wine storage. Since the company’s entire focus is on refrigeration, they offer a wide variety of products. Sub Zero has a cast range of fridges such as single door, two door and under counter. Their most popular product is the integration option on some of their fridge models. This allows the customer to have customizable doors on their appliance to match the cupboards that are already installed in their kitchen. This is a service that can really make a difference in the décor of a home and allow for a seamless look for the entire room. They also offer their PRO 48 series which stands out because it is entirely made of stainless steel, inside and out. This model is also available with one glass door, which while more expensive, is a rare and aesthetically pleasing design. It is also convenient because at least some of your groceries are visible without opening the fridge. You don’t have to worry about the kids holding the fridge open to find a snack!

The Sub Zero wine storage also comes in multiple sizes:  full size, under counter and smaller models that are free standing. These wine storages also claim protection of your wine from light, humidity and vibration. These are all important factors in maintaining the quality of wine.

Sub Zero refrigerators are not, however, without problems. The most common issue customers report is the freezing of the back of the refrigerator and of the bottom drawers. The sub-zero-bi-42s_s_-1023x682problem gets so bad that the drawers cannot be opened and the fridge may freeze into the wall that is behind it. This problem is also one that tends to reoccur after repairs have been made. While Sub Zero usually offers a warranty to cover the price of parts, they do not cover the price of labour. Due to this, expenses for fixing the fridge can really accumulate.

While a short term fix for this issue is just unplugging the appliance so that it stops operating and therefore cooling, it is not optimal and can be a hassle.

The most common cause of this problem lies in the sealant used to hold the bottom tray of the fridge, as does the solution. The evaporator, which is the panel at the back of the fridge, is colder than the dew point of air. When air passes over it, it condenses. In a properly working fridge this is accounted for and the accumulating water falls to a tray that is the same width as the fridge so that no leakage occurs onto the floor. The water then proceeds down a plastic pipe to another tray that is located under the fridge from where it evaporates. If the sealant at the back of this tray fails then the water, instead of evaporating, accumulates and freezes. By removing the bottom tray and applying new sealant, the problem can be rectified.

This can be done by first turning off the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. The tray can be removed with a screwdriver. Remove the old sealant and clean and dry the area. Apply sealant that is suitable for either baths/showers or outdoor windows. Generally any sealant that is designed for contact with water will do the job.

While this is one cause for the freezing problem, there are others that may be more complicated and require an experienced repair person to fix.